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Granted the national and international distinction of health accreditation by the Colombian Institute of Technical Norms and Accreditation ICONTEC, the FOSCAL Clinic has become one of the top 10 Health Care Institutions in Colombia. Our organization is dedicated to providing total healthcare to local and international patients by implementing state-of-the-art technology through a highly-qualified medical staff and healthcare providers specialized in different fields. It is also our mission to offer the best health care services with respect, warmth, and excellence.

  • 15 Years attending International Patients
  • 47.000 square meters/505.904 square feet
  • 295 beds
  • 47 IUC Intensive Care Unit (Adults and Pediatric)
  • 27.500 Patients per month
  • 330.003 Patients per year
  • 280 Specialists
  • Index Infections According NNIS (Nasocomial Infection Rate):
    • 2,11 Patients per every 100 surgeries (Infection rates in the surgery room)
    • 4,59 Patients per every 100 hospital discharges (Patients Infection rate per hospital discharges)
    • 6,58 Days per bed occupancy (DCU rate)


Our New Clinic

Foscal International

The FOSCAL Clinic, through a great strategic alliance with the UNAB University, made possible the emergence of a megaproject called Special Permanent Free Zone, FOSUNAB. This project is aimed at developing a high-tech health care complex which integrates medical and hospital innovation as well as scientific research and knowledge development. With an area of 1.786.800 square feet, the facilities at the free zone provide healthcare to patients from abroad within the framework of promoting international medical tourism onshore featuring a Full Package modality for patients in need of procedures on third and fourth levels of complexity.


The complex will feature among a total of 50 specialties:

  • Blood, Tissue and Organs Bank
  • Cancer, Hematological and Oncology Center
  • Cardiovascular Center
  • Center for Joint Replacements and Transplants
  • Clinical Laboratory and Genetics
  • Congress and Convention Center
  • Eye Clinic
  • Fertility Center
  • Five Star Hotel inside de Complex
  • VIP Hospitalization
  • International Center for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Nanotechnology and Genomics Center
  • Nuclear Medicine Center
  • Offices for Airlines, Travel Agencies and Health Institutions
  • Research Center for Technology Transfer



  • Acreditation: ICONTEC
  • Beds: 400
  • Level of Complexity: 4th (Maximum)
  • Estimated Opening Date: July 2012