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Our region is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. Along with its local people who are warm and friendly, Bucaramanga offers a wide variety of interesting and historical places for tourists to visit. FOSCAL aims at ensuring its patients the best treatment inside our Hospital as well as the best experience while traveling around and sightseeing the city.

Some recommended destinations are as follows:


The Chicamocha National Park

Parque Panachi
The Chicamocha National Park is a natural theme Park located 45 minutes from Bucaramanga city in one of the most mountainous places in South America. The Chicamocha National Park was nominated as one of the new World natural wonders a few years ago. Visitors can find exotic scenarios, beautiful landscapes, restaurants, stores with typical crafts of the region, sports, and entertainment.

For more information, you can visit the official website at www.parquenacionaldelchicamocha.com or watch some sample videos at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O6xz7okEFE , www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSG9kSQERyc

If you prefer reading the information yourself, please search for some useful titles as The Majestic Chicamocha Canyon at www.colombia.travel/en/international-tourist/vacations-holidays-where-to-go/recommended-weekend-destinations/chicamocha-canyon


El Gallineral Natural Park

Parque Gallineral
El Gallineral Natural Park is another attraction that has caught national interest in those who love nature and relaxation. It is a beautiful natural place covered with a massive amount of moss becoming an air-purifying mechanism for the environment in the urban area of San Gil, Santander.

The attractive location of large trees covered with moss, is within the city limits of San Gil and becomes a green lung to air the best elixir of life for its inhabitants and those who usually come to the capital city of the province Guanentina.


A Gourmet Coffee Hotel

Coffee Hotel Gourmet
The Hacienda El Roble Hotel is a place for coffee lovers. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about gourmet coffee cultivation in Colombia and familiarize with some technical terminology such as acidity, body, fragrance, and aroma.

Hacienda El Roble is a hotel located inside a 300-acre plantation of organic coffee which is certified and is protected by a majestic natural shade made by nearly 59,200 trees where different land and air animal species can also be found.

For more details, please go on to www.cafemesa.com/hacienda_el_Roble



Giron Santander
Founded in 1631 and famous for its gold mines during colonial times, Giron represents a great historical legacy and one of Colombia’s National Prides. Some highlights about this place are The Religious Art Museum, The Senor de los Milagros Cathedral, and the Corregidor Chapel.



Guane Santander
It’s a colonial population where a 17th Century Church outstands with a sanctuary of Saint Lucia, and the Archeological Museum which exhibits a great collection of sea creatures’ fossils, colonial books, and antiques.


Barichara, colonial jewel of Colombia

Barichara Santander
Barichara is a municipality of Santander, Colombia located in the province of Guanentá. This town is well-known because of its 18th century architecture and was declared cultural patrimony of Colombia in 1978.

For further details on Barichara, visit the website www.barichara-santander.gov.co or read the article Barichara: tranquility and adventure carved out of stone at www.colombia.travel/en/international-tourist/vacations-holidays-where-to-go/recommended-weekend-destinations/barichara



Socorro Santander
Birthplace of the uprising of the Comuneros, Barichara is located in the northeastern region of Santander. It was founded in 1681 and subsequently in 1711 the town was granted the title "Muy Noble y Leal Villa" or in English "Very Noble and Loyal Village". In 1781, Manuela Beltran tore the edict that approved a new tax and contribution inflation which originated Los Comuneros Rebellion. In the main square, monuments and statues of José Antonio Galán, the uprising leader, and Antonia Santos among others can be found.

Other places that are a must-see: The Culture House and the Cathedral.

For further details, visit the website www.socorro-santander.gov.co


San Gil, Capital of Extreme Sports and adventure in Colombia

San Gil Santander
Situated 96 kilometers from Bucaramanga, San Gil is known as the mecca of extreme sports in Colombia. Its historical, cultural, and architectonical richness make it the most visited place in Colombia. San Gil is a beautiful town with enough comfort and characteristics of a city. Some highlights of San Gil are the main square, the colonial houses, the San Francisco Temple and the streets known as the snails of the 12th and the 13th century.

During the day, San Gil is a spot where many people from all around the country gather to do business or other activities. At night, visitors can take long walks along the streets or just sit down at any place to sip a drink or even dance.

For more useful information on San Gil, please visit the website www.sangil.com.co