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FOSCAL International performs the first surgeries in Colombia to improve presbyopia

For the first time in Colombia a new surgery is performed to improve vision affected by presbyopia.

This condition arises in all human beings after turning 40, due to the gradual loss of vision, forcing the use of glasses in everyday activities like reading, making a call or working on a computer.

The revolutionary medical procedure was performed in two patients in the FOSCAL International Clinic, by the ophthalmology specialist Dr. Virgilio Galvis Ramirez.

"The surgery involves inserting the Kamra device on the surface of the cornea, for this we use the Femtosecond, a laser that we use to do a fine cut in a tunnel form through which the device is inserted to locate the visual axis (in the center of the pupil), this allows the patient to focus the light rays parallel to the optical system to focus them on the macula and improve near vision" explained the specialist Galvis Ramirez.

According to the doctor, it is an outpatient procedure, lasting approximately 20 minutes which is applied only in the non-dominant eye of the patient, under local anesthesia, requires no stiches and the lens is not touched.

So far, the surgery is done only in Europe, Asia and in Colombia the first cases have been performed in Bucaramanga at the Clinic FOSCAL International.


Carlos Gómez
Operated Patient

"The process was very fast with no discomfort and the results have been very good. Today, 24 hours after surgery I see a little blurry, but there is no doubt that I can read the fine print, look at my mobile phone, where previously it would be necessary to wear glasses for these day to day activities."

José Miguel Alonso Benítez
Operated Patient

"It was a quick surgery and can now see what I could not see before, there is total change. Not being able to see even my mobile phone without glasses is an annoying and uncomfortable situation, and now the visual comfort is very good, I have seen the change and I am very content” Photo Detail From left to right Virgilio Galvis Ramírez, Ophthalmologist; Carlos Gómez, Operated Patient; José Miguel Alonso Benítez, Operated Patient; Patricia Atie, Clinical Applications Specialist from AcuFocus