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FOSCAL, the epicenter of Latin American medical tourism

There are patients arriving from United States, Central America and the Caribbean Islands in search of the medical and scientific services, FOSCAL has to offer. This demand opens the door to position Bucaramanga in the cluster of medical tourism.

According to the estimates of Marcela Chaves, Head of International Business; in the past 10 months, between FOSCAL and FOSCAL International we have received an average of 35 patients per month who come in search of highly complex eye treatment, orthopedic, spine, neck, shoulder and knee surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.


This growth in the medical tourism area, comes from strengthening the health care agreements with the United States, Panama, Ecuador and the Caribbean islands, as well as international organizations that promote this model of care.

“Recognized American Insures such as United Health Care, Best Doctors, Cigna and Aetna are some of the organizations with global support that open borders to offer patients treatment opportunities in clinics and medical centers with advanced technology, scientific capacity and all the exclusive logistics for the international patients, "said the official.

The arrival of international patients to Bucaramanga, which is becoming a world-class destination, strengthens the integrity of the productive sectors of the city such as hotels, air and land transportation, tourism, restaurants, trade, handicrafts and other products and services which the international visitors demand.

International Eco

The evident growth of medical tourism towards Bucaramanga, has generated a significant impact on international media such as Savvy Stews, whose American journalists were at FOSCAL International recording the details of the medical, scientific and technological developments.