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FOSCAL brings together leaders from five Colombian Medical Societies

medical-societyThe institution has leaders of major medical societies and associations in the country within its medical staff.

These leaders ratify the professional excellence of their doctors and the quality of services that has been provided for more than three decades.

During 36 years of uninterrupted work to the service of the less privileged community, FOSCAL has starred in the academic, social, medical and scientific areas, with marked progress in all fields, work that has generated national and international recognition as one of the leading medical institutions in the continent.

And as part of these solid steps that have led FOSCAL to the road of success and recognition, its staff of professionals includes four presidents and one vice-president of the most important medical associations and societies in the country.

Dr. Jaime Calderon Herrera, President of the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, Forms part of this outstanding group of medical leaders at FOSCAL, which brings together 65 medical guilds of the country.

"Health is a fundamental and constitutional right, this is why we are working on the harmonization of the different actors in the system and the implementation of the statuary law, in order to strengthen the medical profession and guarantee to all Colombians safe and efficient healthcare”, says Dr. Calderon, who strengthened his position by explaining that these processes combine academy and science, with the humanization of patient care.

On his part, Dr. German William Rangel, doctor of FOSCAL, is who chairs the International Association for the Study of Pain Colombian chapter, an organization that raises improvements in the practices of pain control and management of the palliative care in the country.

"At FOSCAL the strategies for pain management are very advanced, because these procedures are held by a multidisciplinary and qualified group of professionals who always tends to ensure the patients receive adequate palliative treatments, under specialized orientation to significantly reduce requests for euthanasia", he stated.


With 60 years of creation and more than a thousand members, the Colombian Association of Radiology is also headed by a medical professional at FOSCAL. This is Dr. Federico Lubinus Badillo, who since the presidency of this guild aims to update the knowledge of partners and regulates the practice of this specialization.

In turn, for Dr. Alberto Luis Diaz, Vice President of the Colombian Society of Ophthalmology and eye specialist in plastic surgery and oncology at FOSCAL, the fact of having the leadership of these medical guilds "is an acknowledgment and a tribute to the work, to the history and the development of FOSCAL, of the same Department, of the UNAB and of UIS in the medical field. The fact that a doctor from FOSCAL is on the board of the Colombian Society of Ophthalmology is a tribute to the development of this specialty in our institution throughout its history of success. "

Investigation and development

This select group is completed by Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Parra Zuluaga, as the President of the Colombian Society of Internal Medicine, led the research that developed this partnership on the behavior of professionals in the processes of care and patient management.

"This is a scientific association that oversees the interests of academic, guild and investigation in the research and prevention of the major diseases in the country.

We form part of two initiatives: Best Quality Medicines and precision or personalized medicine that works on patient-centered care and management of all processes, including external and internal consultation, emergency, intensive care and hospitalization" he says.